Using Kotlin in Terminal

Quick and easy workflow

By now you should’ve realised I like to jump around a lot of languages. I’ll be looking at Kotlin in the holidays and thought I’d write some stuff as I go along. I’m most likely never going to cover installing and setting up a work environment - let’s face it,... [Read More]
Tags: kotlin, terminal, kotlinc, java

Farm Attacks in South Africa

Keeping track of a disaster

The fact that farmers in South Africa have the most dangerous job in the world really bothers me. The fact that most of the attacks go unheard of, bothers me. That’s why I created a progressive web app or PWA. I created Farm Attacks. [Read More]
Tags: south africa, pwa, progressive web app, farm attacks, push notifications

TypeScript and Laravel

A simple setup

I’m busy learning TypeScript with the goal of writing cleaner and more maintainable frontend code. In this post I’ll show you how to setup an easy build process with Laravel. [Read More]
Tags: typescript, laravel