One of the books that I’ve been eyeing for a while now has just reached beta on The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Programming Clojure, Third Edition - I’ve always been quite curious about using JVM to get the job done. I think my experience with Java in high school kind of ruined it for me. But with the huge surge lately with functional programming languages, I decided to dive right in.

My obsession for something new stems from the fact that I’m over PHP. If it wasn’t for Laravel I don’t think I would have used PHP at all. It’s just reached the point where it’s not interesting any more, the projects are all the same inevitably. I’m the furthest from being a PHP guru, but I get the job done without hurting too many brain cells. That’s not a good place to be in.

If you aren’t challenging yourself daily, then what are you doing really? It’s to the point where I can feel myself stagnating. Probably why I’m trying to immerse myself with all these interesting languages. Finding new ways to do things, thinking in ways you never thought possible.

I had my taste with Elixir and I quite liked it, I haven’t really found something interesting to build with it yet but hopefully that changes soon. I also acquired the Scala book which I linked to in the previous post. It’s an 800 page behemoth… With all the books I recently got I feel like I’m training my mind for concurrency.

Going through four books a week is quite ambitious for anyone, let alone me. I’m hoping that challenging myself like this would get my brain to engage its afterburners.

I think as developers we’re quite spoiled when it comes to tooling. There’s so many different stacks to learn, it’s just a pity we only have about 40 years to master a couple.