Best Movies to Watch on aha

Best Movies to Watch on aha

People love watching movies as they can turn any moment into fun, but a movie has to be good so that people can enjoy watching it. When you talk about the Tamil movie industry, the new Tamil movies 2021 are great and will leave no stone unturned to entertain the people.

If you love to watch Tamil movies, you cannot miss films such as KoogleKuttappa, Writer, and BhamaKalapam. In this guide, you will get to learn about the story of all these three movies to know whether they are suitable entertainment for you. 

Three Best Tamil Movies

Three of the latest Tamil movies that you can choose to watch are as follows:


This is one of the recent movies with an interesting plot, focusing mostly on the police department. The director of this movie is Franklin Jacob, and the movie features Iriya, Samuthirakani, Lizzie Antony and Hari Krishnan in major roles.

The story revolves around the struggles of an honest police officer cum writer and how he gets involved in an illegal custody case that involves an honest PhD student. Here, the police officer takes tough decisions to fight against injustice and looks to form a police union.


This is a sci-fi/ thriller/ drama movie directed by K.S Ravikumar, and the cast of this movie includes LosliyaMariyenensan, TharshanThiagarajah and K.S Ravikumar himself. The movie basically depicts the relationship between a robot and an old man.

The story revolves around a conservative villager who does not like the idea of his son relocating to Russia for a job. But, his son brings a robot to take care of his father, which helps to develop a unique bond between the robot and the old villager.


Compared tonew Tamil movies2021, this is a movie that you can choose to watch with your friends and family. AbhimanyuTadimeti directs BhamaKalapam, and the cast includes ShanthiRao, Priyamani, SharanayaPradeep, Pradeep Rudra and much more.

The protagonist in this movie is a woman, Anupama Mohan, a famous YouTuber and homemaker known for her culinary skills. She likes to watch what other people do, and on occasion, while visiting her neighbour’s house, she gets involved in a murder case. A gangster also chases her amidst all her troubles. 

Stream the Latest Tamil Movies on aha

If you are a fan of Tamil thriller movies, you can choose to watch all the movies listed above. To watch these Tamil movies, subscribe to aha, a reputed OTT channel today where you can watch all the Tamil movies of your choice.